Asheville Sandalthotic®


Inspired by Asheville, North Carolina, a picturesque town nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains, the versatile Asheville Sandalthotics offer comfort and support no matter where your next adventure takes you.

Asheville Asheville for Women

Asheville for Women

***While Supplies Last***
Item#: ASH0020
Color: Black
Sizes: B 5-11

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Asheville Asheville for Men

Asheville for Men

***While Supplies Last***
Item#: ASH0010
Color: Black
Sizes: D 7-14

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The Foot Levelers shoe and sandal collection, paired with custom orthotics, provide an excellent combination of comfort and support. Footwear quality and orthotic support help align the Musculoskeletal system which reduces pain and enhances body function.