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Postural health begins in childhood, and it starts with the feet.

Developing feet need protection from the shocks and stresses of everyday life. Without it, foot problems are likely to develop. When the spine and pelvis are properly supported and balanced, children are more likely to develop a better, healthier posture as they grow into adulthood.


Research shows that high-impact sports can place the same amount of stress on the body as an auto-collision. 

The CPOYA (Concerned Parents of Young Athletes) custom-made orthotic increases performance and help to prevent injuries in young athletes. 

Download the "Degrees of Pronation" Infographic

This educational infographic on pronation explains three different phases (or degrees) of pronation (mild, moderate, severe), the 3 arches of the foot, how to know if your feet are pronated, and steps you should take to treat pronation.

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