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     Dr. Kristina (Kris) Petrocco-Napuli brings to the table a strong interest in women's health, pediatrics, chronic pain and integrative care and is frequently sought after as a national speaker. Currently an associate professor at National University of Health Sciences-Florida, Dr.Petrocco-Napuli received her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from New York Chiropractic College; following graduation she entered into a postdoctoral fellowship program within Chiropractic technique. She also received a master’s degree in instructional design development and evaluation from Syracuse University.

A native of South Africa, Dr. Gary Kirwan is a Anglo-European College of Chiropractic graduate and has practiced both in the UK and South Africa. Dr. Kirwan has a special interest in functional biomechanics in relation to pain management; in particular, back pain and extremity joint pain. He currently uses a multimodal treatment approach for helping patients with pain management and wellness care, including hands-on manual therapy options to prescribing orthotics and educating patients on nutrition and psychoneuroimmunology concepts for inflammation control. Dr. Kirwan will be speaking primarily on Foot Levelers' international circuit.

Dr. Mark Charrette’s presentation will teach you the concept of “The Noisy Joint” and simple adjusting protocols to address the most common subluxation patterns in the feet, knees, hips and wrists. Dr. Charrette is a former All-American swimmer, who has authored a book on extremity adjusting and also produced an instructional video series. He has done more than 1,000 presentations in his career.

You do not have to play golf to earn your Golf Injury Certification. This seminar has been designed to teach you everything you need to know to diagnose and treat patients who have become injured playing golf. Your instructor is Dr. Jeff Blanchard, a Chiropractor who plays professional golf. Since 1999, Dr. Blanchard has trained over 4,000 golf doctors. He has a career low round of 62.

If you want to help your patients achieve lasting recovery from their low back pain, this hands-on seminar with Dr. Manuel Duarte is for you. Discover a comprehensive rehabilitation program for low back stabilization with four stages, from beginning to advanced. See for yourself how custom-made functional orthotics and rehabilitative exercises can help low back problems.

Dr. Mario Fucinari’s colorful and outgoing personality guarantees an entertaining presentation, while his program will help provide up-to-the-minute information. Learn proper documentation and diagnosis for biomechanical problems and how to avoid deficiencies in the medical record that can lead to malpractice suits or disciplinary action. Get clinical training by a certified insurance consultant and compliance specialist and improve your examination and treatment techniques.

Dr. Fucinari has helped train doctors and staff for over 20 years. He is a certified Chiropractic sports physician and insurance consultant, as well as a member of the American Academy of Professional Coders. Dr. Fucinari was the recipient of the 1998 and the 2003 President’s Award from the Illinois Chiropractic Society for his work with education and training.

Dr. Brian Jensen explores the most prevalent causes of pain, disease and degeneration and offers practical ideas for the evaluation and treatment of the modern patient as well as insight into effectively communicating these complex ideas to patients. This program goes beyond simple condition based care. It correlates the early teachings about the subluxation complex and its effect on structure and physiology using some of the latest technological advances in the profession. This program offers an opportunity for hands-on experiences related to patient assessment, treatment and rehabilitation that many attendees have found easy to immediately incorporate into their practice.

Dr. Kurt Juergens has been in practice since 1989 and has extensive post-graduate training in Sports Medicine. In 1992, Dr. Juergens was selected to be a member of the United States Track & Field Trials Sports Medicine Team. He has also served on the sports medicine teams for the NCAA Track & Field Championships, ATP’s Tennis Masters Cup and U.S. Clay Court Championships. In Dr. Juergen’s engaging talks, learn all about adding active care and rehab to your practice and working with other medical and healing disciplines to deliver exceptional care to patients.

Learn new and exciting protocols that can revolutionize the way you care for your patients. This course helps you discover how to practice with a biomechanical model of care instead of a medical model. Dr. Tim Maggs will teach you how to evaluate your patient’s unique Structural Fingerprint™ and implement a corrective program. You will also see how to accurately and effectively examine and treat patients who are asymptomatic.

Join Dr. Kelle Plotner in her presentation on practice fundamentals. Ever thought it would be easier to close your existing office and open a new one so you could start everything off on the right foot? I promise, you are not alone. Once the everyday fundamentals of running a practice have fallen by the wayside, you face the daily struggle of how to get back on track. Getting back on track is as simple as knowing the basic ground rules and then re-establishing essential procedures. Some of the framework every office should be built upon include: medical necessity, treatment plans, case management, Medicare, self-auditing, time management, conflict resolution, compliance programs, HIPAA, sexual boundaries and ethics.

Dr. Mitch Mally has more than 20 years of experience treating shoulder, elbow, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome and cumulative trauma disorders. Dr. Mally’s topics include sports injuries, upper and lower extremity adjustment, carpal tunnel syndrome, TMJ and The Magnificent 7, with multi-disciplinary audiences, including orthopedic surgeons, PTs, OTs and many state associations worldwide. He is the founder of the International Academy of Advanced Chiropractic Orthopedic Surgeons, the Institute for Repetitive Strain Injuries™ (IRSI) and the Palmer College of Chiropractic’s Sports Injury Club.

Dr. Jon Mulholland has served as a Chiropractic consultant for the United States Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, New York. He has traveled extensively as one of the team Chiropractors for the U.S. Bobsled and Skeleton Teams; has been a sports medicine consultant for the New Zealand Cycling Teams; and was the team Chiropractor for the U.S. Paralympic Teams at the 2010 Paralympics Winter Games in British Columbia, Canada. In Dr. Mulholland’s seminar, discover how to effectively spot common biomechanical issues with runners and how to manage, and correct, common running technique mistakes. Explore common, and dangerous, training program mistakes and how to make smart, evidence-based training recommendations to your patients that will immediately reduce their injury rate, among many other key topics important to runners.

Get a great review of the different manual and light force techniques for adjusting the axial spine and extremities. Dr. Kevin Wong’s seminar includes lots of hands-on exercises so you can duplicate these techniques on Monday morning. Discover how to evaluate and treat the most commonly presented conditions related to the lower extremity foundation.

This exciting program will revolutionize the way you approach the diagnosis and management of patients with spondylolisthesis who wish to continue to participate in their sports activities. Learn the place that X-rays, bone scans, CT scans and MRI scans play within the overall management of the spondylolisthesis patient. Dr. Terry Yochum will review the etiology and discuss the Chiropractic and medical management of the problematic spondylolisthesis patient, exploring questions such as: when can a spondylolisthesis patient return to contact sports? When is it safe? A discussion of implementation of the Boston overlap brace for the management of active symptomatic spondylolisthesis patients will be reviewed. Leave with a better understanding of the importance of documenting which patients with spondylolisthesis have active or inactive activity occurring as it relates to the presence of their spondylolisthesis and the impact it will have on Chiropractic management.

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