Custom Orthotics
Over the past 65 years, we’ve built custom orthotics based on your needs. Selection is easy. What activity, or activities, do you engage in most? Generally, the orthotics you need depend on activity level and/or lifestyle. For premium support that will take you anywhere, our #1 doctor recommended orthotic is InMotion®. Learn why custom support is so important here.

#1 Doctor Recommended Orthotic

InMotion® >

For Everyday Active Support
Active Top >

For Those Who Are All Business
Luxury Top >

For Those Who Live on Their Feet
Comfort Top >

For The Toughest Jobs & Lifestyles
Tough Top >

For Extreme Athletes
XP3® >

For Extreme Athletes: Endurance
XP3+™ >

Extra Cushioning, Supreme Comfort
Premium Comfort >

Cool in Summer. Warm in Winter
Versawool™ >

A Girl's Best Friend
Sassy™ >

Support Your Golf Game
ParFlex Plus® >

Keeps Feet Dry for Work or Play
Aquaguard™ >

For the Smallest Kinetic Chains
Ultra Young Soles® >

The Teen Orthotic
AM7™ >

The Legacy Orthotic
SPS® >

For Young Athletes

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