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Maui and Fiji, Our Custom Orthotic Waterproof Flip-Flops, Just Got a Little Wilder in Jungle Green and Wild Orange...

April 27, 2016—Roanoke, VA—Foot Levelers recently introduced two new head-turning colors to its popular line of custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops: deep, lush Jungle Green and invigorating Wild Orange.

A favorite among Chiropractic patients, Foot Levelers’ custom orthotic waterproof flip-flops Maui for men and Fiji for women offer supreme comfort and customized support that defies the elements. Maui and Fiji feature a footbed that repels moisture while massaging the foot, cushy foam mid-layer that absorbs shock, and a silky smooth nylon strap that will never rub or chafe. Perfect for a day on the water, Maui and Fiji are even designed to float.

Foot Levelers also carries an array of men’s and women’s custom orthotic flip-flops in high-quality leather and suede. All Foot Levelers’ custom orthotic flip-flops are...

  • Individually designed for a patient’s unique foot, body and health needs based on a 3D image or cast of their feet
  • Crafted to cushion, support and balance the feet, for improved joint alignment, proprioception and pain relief throughout the Kinetic Chain
  • Engineered with a built-in, customized 3 Arch Advantage™ orthotic, the world’s healthiest, a proprietary Foot Levelers design (no other orthotic company has it)
  • 100% Guaranteed or their money back
    With the arrival of spring, patients are inevitably kicking off their winter boots in favor of sandals and flip-flops. But footwear should be chosen carefully. Research shows that flat-as-a-board summer sandals and traditional flip-fops can cause serious harm to the feet and the Kinetic Chain. Foot Levelers’ line of custom orthotic flip-flops and Sandalthotics® are the healthy alternative to the scourge of harmful warm weather footwear.

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